DrunkChemistry.com was founded during the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak as an alternative scientific journal of Adulterated Beverages.
Case studies on experimental libations with the intent of understanding the implications of various chemical mixes on the taste buds of our lab subjects.

Our intent is to create a platform where various potions can be studied and reproduced accurately and arranged by the color of the ending reaction. Many of our formula’s will seem similar but will produce completely different hue and flavor. Each formula shall be judged on a standard 5-star system, and peer reviewed by our readers.

Avid Food-blog readers may notice some unusual measuring apparatus and vernacular. Lab-grade glassware allow us to record precision measurements and makes it simple to sample the process during each stage. It’s also incredibly fun to be able to combine science with libation, so expect us to take advantage as much as we can handle. 🙂